Trident have developed a unique and fully integrated approach to energy cost reduction, which capitalises on our in-house expertise, flexible service offering and holistic approach to reducing the impact of rising charges in an ever changing energy landscape.


Our vision has remained the same since the company was formed 15 years ago and consists of three straight forward business goals:

  • To Delight Our Customers
  • To Be Leaders in Our Field
  • To Enjoy What We Do

At Trident, it is about give and take and we aim to provide Our People with the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions, but it’s not all one way traffic. In return we want them to live and breath our company values and enable our business to continue to thrive and deliver the standard of service that we expect and our loyal customers deserve.

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We can help you to develop a smarter approach to managing your commercial energy costs and deliver savings that will positively impact on your profitability and the environment.

Our 360⁰ service suite is designed to optimise all areas of your commercial energy expenditure, by delivering expertise across the complete energy cost reduction spectrum.


“River Island have enjoyed a successful relationship with Trident Utilities for 15 years. We have found them to be experts in their field, deliver excellent customer service and can be relied upon to go the extra mile. We can confidently recommend Trident to any company who wishes to reduce their energy charges.”

– Carlo Lambi – Shopfitting Director – River Island Clothing

Trident recognise the individual needs of all our customers and will deliver a bespoke service package – tailored to your unique business requirements. Our modular software suite, which has been developed by our own ‘in-house’ development team, has been specifically designed to support our bespoke service offering and ensure that you get the service and support that you require.

Our clients have enjoyed prices up to 25% lower than the national average over the past 36 months. We have provided a range of Flexible ‘Risk Managed’ Procurement strategies to our clients since 2004, leading the field in energy procurement solutions that are now adopted by many of the UK’s major energy users. Our traditional Fixed Price Procurement customers benefit from the experience of Trident’s market analysts and a focus on the timing of contract placement in order to deliver optimal price.

Our Sustainability Team can help you to develop a strategy for a more sustainable future. Reducing dependency on the grid, lowering energy consumption, exporting power and an increasing focus on sustainability in planning applications are key drivers for larger energy consumers to work with us. We identify energy efficiency opportunities and assess the feasibility of on-site generation by analysing site energy usage profiles, assessing valuable waste streams and considering subsidy levels. If you would like more information on how we can assist your business to work towards a more sustainable future then Click Here.

Our Energy Cost Analysis and Data Services Team provides a whole range of data management and energy cost reduction services aimed at maintaining an accurate supply portfolio, uncovering hidden and erroneous charges and claiming retrospective refunds. As well as ongoing invoice validation and query resolution, implementation of smart metering systems and bespoke reporting. More information about our Analysis service is available here
Energy consumption is a key metric for operational performance, and Trident’s clients realise average energy efficiency gains of 12% by implementing bespoke consumption reduction from the installation of self-generation capacity, to improved control of existing equipment. Our experienced engineering team can identify and project-manage a solution to fit your processes and financial requirements. For more detailed information on how we can help you to reduce energy consumption, visit our Energy Efficiency page
In the ever evolving landscape of energy legislation, many companies are not aware of their responsibilities or lack the resource to monitor and meet compliance requirements throughout their organisation. Trident has a dedicated Team of Energy Compliance Experts, with the required expert qualification and associated accreditation to ensure that we can deliver a fully managed compliance service and ensure that our customers are fully up to speed with the latest Energy Legislation that will impact on their business. Click Here for more detailed information on our Energy Compliance Service
All Trident software has been developed by our own ‘in-house’ team and in conjunction with our energy cost reduction experts across the entire service suite. Through consultation with our customer base, we have developed a modular software system, which enables us to match an online software provision that fulfils the bespoke service requirements of each individual customer. Click Here for more information

Our Expert Team

Delivery of our service relies on our closely knit team of industry experts. Each team member has specialised expertise in their field, and our team is structured to ensure close working relationships and sharing of ideas. The result is that we are able to optimise all areas of your utility expenditure, providing you with our fully integrated Trident 360° Service.

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