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  • Energy Efficiency

The Challenge

  • Increase AAK’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce overheads

The Solution

  • Reduce leaks
  • Optimise mechanical efficiency
  • Improve insulation
  • Create a culture of energy conservatism

The Benefits

  • 10% reduction in energy and water consumption
  • Approx. 10 million kWh saved per annum
  • 70% ROI


kWh Saved per annum


AAK is the world’s leading producer of refined vegetable fats. Its products are staple ingredients of chocolate and confectionery, food ingredients and animal feeds.

AAK’s 60,000m² production facility in Hull runs 24/7. Its equipment is powered by compressed air, steam and motors that consume vast amounts of energy – so saving energy can have a huge impact on overheads and the environment.

When our energy review revealed the potential for wide ranging savings and an ROI of 70%, AAK challenged us to deliver.

Ensuring compressed air stays compressed

When your compressed air system springs a leak it has to work harder to compensate – and the effect on your energy bills can be profound.

AAK has miles of pipes distributing compressed air across the site. Now that the leaks we identified have been fixed, and the air intake temperature to the compressors has been reduced, AAK is saving 1 million kWh per annum.

Less hot air saves 7 million kWh per annum

Steam generation is an essential part of AAK’s production, and a prime contributor to the organisation’s energy costs. Trident’s audit identified that leaks and missing or damaged insulation were reducing efficiency and costing AAK almost 7 million kWh every year. The improvements paid for themselves in just 8.5 months.

Engaging in energy management

Realising the full potential of energy saving is more than a matter of mechanics. It’s about making energy matter to your organisation, so that everyone shares a vested interest in spotting and fixing leaks, or suggesting the next efficiency saving.

Trident has helped AAK devise and implement a comprehensive Energy Management Policy. As part of the Policy, an Energy Committee is helping to raise the profile of energy awareness, making it a core component of day to day operations.

Trident’s training programme has helped staff understand the difference they can make in their daily
work. And sub-metering data is measuring the effectiveness of the policy across the manufacturing process.

In establishing a measure of consumption against production, we’ve helped AAK understand and control its baseload demands, and enhance its efforts to meet climate change commitments.

Intelligent motor control saves money (and motors)

How often are your organisation’s electrical motors needlessly running at full power? By replacing control and throttling valve systems, and controlling motor speeds with variable speed drives, we’ve helped AAK save almost 1 million kWhs. The changes have paid for themselves in less than 3 years.

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