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  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Compliance
  • Cost Analysis

The Challenge

  • Mitigate risk of future cost increase
  • Demonstrate cost transparency
  • Reduce exising Energy Costs

The Solution

  • A modern OJEU Framework with more Suppliers
  • Service costs agreed and formalised in advance
  • Strategical approach to Energy Procurement

The Benefits

  • Large cost reduction
  • Increased cost transparency
  • Budget certainty


Homes - Across Bedforshire and Northamptonshire


With an ethos that echoes our own, Grand Union Housing Group believes in putting people at the fore-front of their business. Boasting four subsidiary housing groups, one which specialises in providing accommodation and support to people with learning disabilities, Grand Union has been providing affordable housing since 2008. This reputable housing group is responsible for over 11,000 homes in Befordshire, Northampton and the surrounding counties   and as an ethical business has communities at its heart.

Like all businesses, however, it needs to ensure its energy costs remain within budget. When the group began having doubts about its current consultant, Trident was employed to help establish affordable and effective energy solutions for their business. The group’s main focus was procurement and validation via Trident’s OJEU compliant framework.

Happy to help

Our competent advisors liaised directly and frequently with Grand Union until the company’s exact requirements were established and realised. Using the complete site list and by acquiring understanding with regards to what Grand Union Housing Group needed from a consultant, we were able to present the group with an extensive set of offers for an assortment of circumstances and durations.

When the group compared Trident’s submissions with that of their current consultant, it was clear to see we were the better match.

Perfect Partners

Our meticulous assessment of each client’s needs means we get to the root requirements for that particular company. In this case, Grand Union Housing Group was delighted to employ our consultants to ensure that they not only remained within budget, but, with our technical expertise, stayed under budget for two years.


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