The Challenge

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary waste and charges
  • Improve long term visibility of energy costs

The Solution

  • Evaluate production processes for suitability for available subsidies
  • Analyse consumption & billing data to identify wastage
  • Adopt a risk managed approach to procurement
  • Give transparency to energy costs

The Benefits

  • Annual savings of over £200,000
  • Waste costs of £8,500 eliminated
  • Fixed fee providing transparency
  • Rolling 3 year budget monitored daily to provide certainty



KTS Wire (KTS) is a specialist wire manufacturer and supplier based in Leeds and part of the Suzuki Garphyttan Group. The wire is used in sectors including automotive, textile, bedding, agriculture, fencing, household goods, construction and safety mechanisms.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Meeting The Challenge

KTS has developed a reputation for innovation technical expertise. With a strategy of continuous improvement, KTS recognised an expert energy consultant could help to identify savings and ensure energy costs remained within budget.

Technical and Commercial Expertise

By understanding KTS production processes & with expert knowledge of Energy legislation, Trident identified KTS could benefit from a scheme that provides rebates on Government levies. Our on-going management of KTS submissions results in annual savings of £172,000. Trident also identified poor Power Factor cost KTS £8,500 per annum in avoidable costs relating to excess apacity charges, CO2, kWh losses and reactive charges. Power Factor correction equipment was installed with a payback of just 2.6 years.

Buying Better

Trident’s Pulse software provides a robust and accurate energy budget for a rolling 3 year period. Future costs are accurately forecast accounting for daily price movements. Ceilings are set to limit exposure to rising prices and markets are monitored daily to ensure optimal timing of purchase decisions. Savings differ each year depending on the market, however, combined with Trident’s transparent fixed fee KTS have full visibility over all energy costs, providing them with peace of mind that they are working with a trusted partner focussed on delivering tangible results.


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