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  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Compliance
  • Cost Analysis

The Challenge

  • To provide OJEU compliant Energy Procurement
  • Demonstrate cost transparency
  • Reduce exising Energy Costs

The Solution

  • A modern OJEU Framework with more options
  • Service costs agreed and formalised in advance
  • Strategically timed procurement decision

The Benefits

  • Increased cost transparency
  • Reduced energy cost – £178K Saving
  • Assured compliance with EU Regulations


Total Energy Savings Implemented


Grwp Gwalia is an established community-centric housing group, responsible for over 10,000 properties in Wales.   Much like ourselves, Grwp Gwalia places its social responsibilities at the fore of all of its business, ensuring the communities it serves benefit. The group not only provides general use housing, but is also responsible for care home places, homes for older people, student housing, supported housing and commercial use properties.
Clearly this is a company with extensive energy requirements, and therefore escalating bills quickly became a cause for concern for this innovative housing provider.

Here when you need us

Continuous communication and cost transparency were extremely important to Grwp Gwalia and the company was delighted with the way in which our consultants were available whenever called upon. Trident were happy to liaise with Grwp Gwalia throughout the entire process and listened to the group’s precise requirements to ensure all appropriate offers were presented to them.

Once Grwp Gwalia’s requirements were established, our consultants were able to present a full set of OJEU compliant offers for multiple durations which the housing group took away to consider.

A home run

Grwp Gwalia realised our expertise could save them a considerable amount of money and knowing they could trust us to provide continuous transparency, the group employed us as their energy brokers. This was certainly the right decision as Trident saved Grwp Gwalia a whopping £178k  per annum, decidedly  more than any competing brokers could hope to achieve. As we don’t have any third party costs, our commission remains lower than our competitors.

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