leisure-iconA strategic and targeted approach to energy cost reduction and revenue streams specific to the travel, sports and leisure industry

The key requirement for successful travel and leisure businesses is a positive customer experience and providing continuous improvement in this respect, we are the same in providing total energy cost reduction solutions to our clients.

Multi-site clients demand an exacting attention to detail and an ability to handle often dynamic property portfolios. Ensuring that site acquisitions and disposals are swiftly dealt with ensures that costs are optimised across the estate, whilst detailed invoice validation and budget reporting (backed up by our ‘Smart Buyer’ software suite) ensures that you have a firm handle on all invoicing issues.

Sustainability is another important consideration, with planning permission for new sites become increasingly reliant on introducing sustainable solutions into the build we have helped clients in this sector develop their current and future sustainability strategies.


Combined Energy Cost Saving for Everton Football Club

 Energy Procurement

Strategic Procurement service to purchase energy in accordance with a pre-defined budget target.

‘Smart Buyer’ Portal

Provides a three-year forward forecast of energy costs based on live market data and detailed evaluation of non-commodity charges. In addition access to a market pricing hub is provided; ‘Trade Charts’ highlight the volume of energy purchased; performance is charted against pre-agreed caps and targets and access to historic invoices is available, with a PDF copy available for download.

Sustainability Advisor

We will make a full assessment of your business establishing opportunities that are available utilising existing consuming and generation equipment for both demand response products such as DSR, FFR and STOR and Market Access products such as Triad and DUoS avoidance and purchasing agreements.  Following this we will assess the feasibility of your site for embedded generation opportunities and private wire agreements considering your waste and potential feedstock streams and the potential to gain additional revenue streams into your business.   We can provide you with the expertise that you require in order to evaluate and implement the sustainable energy options available for your business. We are dedicated to helping our customers to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Efficiency Advisor

Expert advice and project management assistance to drive down unnecessary energy consumption by the implementation of energy efficiency equipment and incorporating technology enhancements to existing equipment.

Your assigned efficiency advisor will provide all the support and advice required, together with the ability to undertake detailed on-site audits and a full report detailing the potential opportunities, funding options and implementation strategy and services to reduce energy usage and save money.

Compliance Advisor

Energy legislation has become an increasing issue for the UK Travel and Leisure Industry and it is vital that you comply with legislation, where required and maintain the appropriate documentation. Trident will provide the expert advice you need in order to firstly establish whether or not legislation impacts on your business and then support you in ensuring compliance. Accredited CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants, we can deliver support across a wide range of compliance requirements such as CCA’s, CRC. EUETS, ESOS, TM44, ISO50001 etc.   We will continue to inform you of any legislative changes that are applicable to your business and how we can manage the compliance aspect for you.

Energy Focus Group

We will establish an Energy Focus Group to meet on a quarterly basis at your business premises and to ensure that all areas of energy cost reduction are considered and reviewed regularly. Typically the Energy Focus group would involve key stakeholders from your business (Financial Director, Procurement Manager, Engineering / Facilities Manager, Sustainability /Environmental Manager etc.), together with the appropriate expert team from Trident.


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