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Ensuring Energy Compliance to the increasingly complex legislation landscape eats into your valuable time -Time better spent on core activities. Many businesses find themselves collating the same data and repeating the same exercises time and again to satisfy different legislative requirements.

Trident can provide a full compliance service, covering everything from TM44 air conditioning inspections to complete ESOS Energy audits.

Having one expert on hand to handle everything from data collection to physical engineering inspections will minimise time input and optimise your return on investment.

Avoid financial penalties and manage your energy compliance
obligations in the most efficient way possible

Benefit the bottom line

  • Many aspects of current legislation are enforced with fines for non-compliance, representing a potentially significant cost that can easily be avoided by ensuring you are compliant.
  • Legislative areas related to carbon use (such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, Climate Change Levy, EU ETS) will all cost you more than necessary if they are not managed proactively.

Reduce energy consumption

  • Ensuring that your equipment is compliant to legislation (such as the mandatory TM44 Air Conditioning inspections) means that it is running as efficiently as possible, saving money and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Successfully managing carbon obligations like the CRC, CCL etc can also reduce your total energy consumption and help to make your business a leaner organisation with lower overheads.

Reputational / Supply Chain benefits

  • Official government legislation such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment involves the annual publication of a ‘league table’ of all participants, which will unambiguously show how you compare with your peers.
  • Reputational benefit can be gained by making sure that your business is outperforming your competitors.
  • For some manufacturing companies, a further opportunity is presented through the increasing popularity of ‘supply chain greening’ schemes such as those adopted by Marks and Spencer, Waitrose etc. Making sure that your business can comply with these schemes is now often a pre-requisite to doing business with these major customers.

From completing a one-off mandatory inspection and issuing compliance certification, through to managing all compliance issues within your organisation as a fully integrated partner, we can make sure that your business maintains full compliance with the law.

Trident offers a range of energy compliance services:

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme was introduced in 2014 and required all qualifying businesses to have completed a valid energy audit and compliant report by December 2015. Further ongoing audits must be completed and data collected, with a formal report detailing the results of further energy audits, submitted every 4 years.

Trident Utilities were amongst the first UK based consultants to offer ESOS compliant Lead Assessors and can deliver a complete package to ensure that you meet the requirements of the ESOS legislation.

Please contact our Compliance Team on 0345 634 9500 for a more detailed discussion regarding the ESOS legislation and to carry our a short assessment in order to establish whether or not your business is affected.

Should you wish to review the requirements for yourself, then further information about ESOS, can be found here on the .gov website.

TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

Air Conditioning Inspections are mandatory for all buildings with a cooling capacity of 12kW and above. Inspections must be completed by an accredited Air Conditioning Inspector. If you control an air conditioning system that is covered by this legislation then you are responsible for ensuring an inspection has been completed and that you have a copy of the inspection report. Inspection Reports must be updated every 5 years.

Further detailed information about the requirements for independent Air Conditioning inspections can be found on the .gov website, by Clicking Here

Trident are fully accredited through CIBSE to complete TM44 compliant inspections and you can contact our Compliance Team on 0345 634 9500 for more information.

Energy Performance Certificates
It is a legal requirement for any commercial property that is to be marketed for sale or rent to display an Energy Performance Certificate. Certificates are issued following an inspection of the property by a certified Energy Assessor. If you are the owner or vendor of a building that is being sold or the landlord of a building that is being rented out, then you are responsible for ensuring that an EPC is clearly displayed in the building.  EPCs are valid for 10 years.

Display Energy Certificates

Public sector occupiers of larger buildings are required to display their DEC in a prominent position clearly visible to the public. The DEC, issued by a certified Energy Assessor, surveys all aspects of energy use in the building, including Air Conditioning, heating, boilers and their controls. Display Energy Certificates must be renewed every 12 months.

Trident are accredited to provide compliant Display Energy Certificates and undertake the associated survey work in order to ensure compliance.

Climate Change Levy / Climate Change Agreements

All industrial and commercial users of gas, electricity, and other fossil fuels are likely to pay Climate Change Levy, which appears above the VAT line of the relevant energy bill. It is possible to apply for a rebate on this levy (subject to specific production criteria) in exchange for a binding commitment to reduce energy consumption by a pre-agreed amount. This is called a Climate Change Agreement. Retention of the rebate demands that accurate records of energy consumption and evidence of sufficient reduction are regularly submitted to the relevant authorities.

Trident already assist a large number of UK manufacturing companies with the implementation and ongoing management of their Climate Change Agreements.

Carbon Reduction Commitment

Since April 2010, the Carbon Reduction Commitment has provided a legislative framework to capture all business with annualised energy consumption of 6 GWh (as measured through Half-Hourly meters). Participants in the CRC must purchase ‘carbon allowances’, which are surrendered to the scheme on an annual basis. The number of allowances to be surrendered is dependent on factors relating to the energy efficiency of the organisation. The total number of carbon allowances is finite, thus creating a ‘carbon market’, with attendant opportunities for those businesses that hold more allowances than they require and risks for those with a shortfall.

Trident can complete a full assessment to determine whether or not your business is required to comply with the CRC legislation, evaluate options for reducing or even eliminating the cost of CRC on your business and we can also provide support and assistance to ensure that you comply with ongoing reporting requirements.

Sustainability Reporting and Strategy

Helping companies to monitor and report energy consumption and carbon emissions and to develop strategies that reduce environmental impact.

We help organisation report their sustainability performance through effective and efficient reporting on energy consumption, carbon emissions and the generation of energy from renewables portfolios.  This helps organisations to communicate their environmental credentials to key stakeholders and customers, as well as to focus their improvement activities in the correct areas of impact.

To deliver and accurate reporting, we provide data collection and management services. Manging the collection, verification and analysis of data across a range of industry and public sector organisations.

Once the impact and performance of the business is understood, depending on the nature and complexity of the business and its stakeholders we will then develop an appropriate strategy to reduce environmental and social impact, for example Sustainability Policy and Strategy, Carbon Management Plans, or ISO5001.

Climate Change Risk Assessment

Supporting companies to identify the impact of climate change and the risks this presents to operations and the supply chain.

We help organisations identify and analyse the climate change risks and vulnerabilities associated with the delivery of products and services to the market. In turn helping to develop strategies that mitigate the risk and that help the business to adapt, making them more resilient and sustainable through the through the development of effective strategies.

We also conduct energy security risk assessments, helping business to better understand the risk to energy infrastructure, to assess those risks and to develop strategies to mitigate the risk.

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