service-6-bA modular energy software package to support your individual service requirements

The Trident ‘Smart Buyer’ software suite has been developed by our own ‘in-house’ team and in conjunction with our energy cost reduction experts across the entire service provision. Through consultation with our customer base, we have developed a modular software system, that enables us to match the required software support to each bespoke service package.


3 Year

Live Budget Forecast available to all Procurement customers

Procurement Module

The procurement module provides you with access to the following information:

  • 3 Year Live Budget Forecast
  • Historic Invoices (Downloadable PDF Copies)
  • Daily Budget Performance vs Target / Ceiling
  • Month by Month Lock / Unlock Position
  • Market Data & Commentary
Consumption Module

The consumption module enables you to view the following information (where half hourly consumption data is available):

  • Consumption by Month, Day & Half Hour
  • Consumption Heat Map
  • Export Half Hourly Data
Sustainability Module

The sustainability module is subject to ongoing development and currently includes access to:

  • View Actual & Forecast Generation Data
  • View Statemented, Unpaid and Forecast Revenue
  • Download Historic Statements (Downloadable PDF Copies)
  • Create Custom Site Groups by Technology & Subsidy
Portfolio Management Module

Developed specifically to cope with the demands of a multi-site portfolio and scheduled for release in 2016 our Portfolio Management Module will enable you to:

  • Download Historic Cost & Consumption Reports
  • View Invoice Validation Reports
  • View Historic Invoices (Downloadable PDF Copies)
  • Create Custom Site Groups e.g. by Region / Area Manager
  • View Sites Geographically