service-3-bSustainable Energy Solutions for A Greener Future

SolarOur Sustainable Energy Team can help you to develop a strategy for a greener future.

Reducing dependency on the grid, lowering energy consumption, exporting power and an increasing focus on sustainable energy in planning applications are key drivers for larger energy consumers to work with us.

We identify energy efficiency opportunities and assess the feasibility of on-site generation by analysing site energy usage profiles, assessing valuable waste streams and considering subsidy levels.


Average cost saving delivered by our sustainability team over the last 3 years


The Benefits of Sustainable Energy

The benefits of hard-wiring sustainability into your organisation are becoming ever clearer. Reducing your exposure to volatile overhead costs makes for a more secure future, and companies that have developed energy sustainability policies are more likely to attract external investment than comparable businesses without those policies. A recent Goldman Sachs study revealed that companies considered to be leaders in environmental policies have outperformed the general stock market by 25%, with 72% of those companies outperforming their peers within the same industry.

An Integrated Approach

Our experts can design and implement a fully integrated sustainable energy solution, which covers the three essential pillars of Procurement, Efficiency, and Self Generation. Considering each of these areas as interdependent parts of a complete sustainability strategy ensures that your policy delivers the real and measurable benefits that you need.


Our expert engineers can complete feasibility studies to ensure that any proposed technological solution is the right solution for you. We have experience in working across a wide range of business sectors and have in-depth expertise of installing a wide range of self-generation technology. We provide a full feasibility study considering not only the nature of the technology itself, but also any regulatory impacts and associated issues that affect the business case.

The Feasibility Study will deliver:

  • Description of the proposed project
  • Overview of the technical and management feasibility
  • Potential advantages / disadvantages of installing the technology
  • Estimated cost of the installation
  • Financial incentive (eg subsidies, grants, tax breaks)
  • Estimated Return on Investment
  • CO2 savings over time
  • Evaluation of quotations received
  • Identify potential suppliers and installers
  • Presentation of report


We can expedite the process of gaining the necessary accreditation for your installation in order for it to receive renewable energy subsidies such as Feed in Tariff, Renewables Obligation, Renewable Heat Incentive etc, accelerating payback periods and ensuring that maximum benefit is gained from any installed asset.


Your Trident Sustainable Energy Consultant will develop a strategy that is bespoke to your requirements and the individual nature of your sites, considering technology, renewable subsidies, funding sources etc. We will provide regular reviews to ensure that the strategy continues to offer the very best sustainable solution for your business.


On-Site Generation

On site generation provides you with an energy supply at a more stable price. Typically consisting of renewable energy sources, including biomass, biogas, solar power, wind power and geothermal power, it is used in tandem with power from the grid with clients benefitting from subsidies to build the plant and an option to export any excess energy generated.

Battery Storage

Energy storage harnesses the additional energy created by on-site generation for use when required or at times of high cost. Implementing battery storage reduces reliance on the grid and provides protection from power cuts and rising energy bills.

Private Wire Networks

Private Wire Networks provide an opportunity to gain a direct benefit from generating renewable energy through security of supply and renewable subsidies. They also provide a stand-alone supply in the event of the national grid failing to provide localised energy security.

Automated Demand Side Response (ADR)

Commercial and industrial sites do not consume energy at full capacity all the time. Automated Demand Side Response enables you to temporarily turn down, switch off or shift the use of non-essential energy in a reliable, fast and cost-effective way.

Legislative Support

Our specialist team supports clients in meeting their regulatory obligations such as the Climate Change Levy and Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme. We also provide support with application for Contract-for-Difference and Off-taker Agreements.



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