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Climate Change Agreement

CCA scheme reopened – new year, new opportunity to make savings on your energy bills!

The Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme has re-opened, with a new application deadline of 31st March 2022. This means that organisations like yours could qualify for CCL savings of up to 92% – but the clock is ticking. Not sure if your organisation falls under the scheme criteria? Don’t delay – talk to one of our consultants before the deadline passes.

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    Benefits of a CCA

    The long client working relationships forged by Trident has allowed an in-depth understanding of client’s activities, issues and objectives and has helped provide significant added value in terms of driving forward energy efficiency, improved carbon reporting and moving towards a carbon neutral future.

    Climate Change Levy Savings

    CCL savings

    Significant discount to participating businesses on the Climate Change Levy (CCL) paid. Savings of up to 92% on electricity, 83% on gas and 77% on LPG.

    Climate Change Agreement - Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    Considerable savings on your energy bills as a result of the energy efficiency improvements made towards these targets.

    CCA Carbon Impacts

    Reduce carbon impacts

    Make proactive steps to reduce your carbon footprint and an energy-efficient, low-carbon future.

    CCA Net Zero

    Meet Net Zero objectives

    Take positive action to tackle climate change and meet your Net-Zero targets.

    CCA Climate Change Agreement

    Significant cost saving opportunities 

    The Climate Change Agreement, first established in 2001, is an innovative government initiative designed to reward eligible industrial sectors who make measurable changes in reducing carbon emissions with considerable discounts on their CCL charges.

    Qualifying companies that meet targets and other obligations under the scheme, will receive reduced CCL rates until the end of the current scheme which is set for March 2025. Participants will also see significant energy bill savings from the energy efficiency improvements they make towards these targets.

    The Government has temporarily reopened the CCA scheme for new applicants, with the cut-off date for new applications set for 31st March 2022 – although some trade associations have set their own earlier deadlines weeks ahead of this date.

    Our approach

    Trident is an expert in all aspects of energy compliance legislation and has many decades of experience assisting the UK’s largest energy consumers to reduce energy usage through the implementation of a range of standard efficiency measures as well as the development of more bespoke efficiency solutions and strategies. Our sustainability & energy compliance team has provided complete CCA management services to a range of industrial and commercial energy users since the scheme commenced in 2001.

    Climate Change Levy Savings


    Assess your eligibility for the scheme and calculate the likely CCL cost savings.

    CCA application


    Complete and submit the application on your behalf.

    CCA Review


    Liaise with the relevant agencies and address any issues.

    CCA Net Zero


    Publish a periodic report, detailing performance against agreed CCA targets.

    CCA advice


    Advise on any corrective action, with on-going application maintenance to ensure compliance.

    John Cotton Thumbnail
    Case Studies

    John Cotton

    Trident has been managing John Cotton’s current Climate Change Agreement since 2007, helping them to secure a rebate of c.£1,400,000.

    How Trident can help

    Trident already assists a large number of UK companies with the implementation and ongoing management of their CCA.
    Book a no-obligation meeting with one of our consultants today to better understand your eligibility for the scheme.