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Government Softens RO Blow to Onshore Wind

9 October 2015

The government has softened its stance on the closure of the Renewables Obligation (RO) support scheme to allow almost 3GW of onshore wind capacity to move forward through an amended grace period.

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd: “There is no magic money tree”

The government originally offered the grace period to those projects with planning permission, a grid connection and land rights. This, the government estimated, would allow 2.9GW of capacity to move ahead. But the government is now offering an extra nine months to those projects which have struggled to secure financing in order to achieve the same total.

The projects that are eligible for the grace period will need to demonstrate either that they had planning consent as at 18 June; that they have successfully appealed a planning refusal made on or before 18 June; or that they have successfully appealed after not receiving a planning decision due by 18 June.

Industry groups said the government’s admission that investor confidence has been damaged, and should be allowed time to recover, will help to improve trust in the sector.

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