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Trident’s unique 360° Expertise is designed to optimise
all areas of your energy and telecom expenditure

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Our 360° Expertise


Trident’s unique 360° service is designed to optimise all areas of your expenditure and usage

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We’ve been incredibly impressed with the service from Trident. We’ve had an on-going issue with a shipperless gas supply, dating back 8 years. Suzanne not only got the gas supply registered within months, but also negotiated a saving in excess of £80k with the gas supplier to waiver gas consumed in that time. They have far surpassed our expectations with their efficiency, effectiveness and positive can-do attitude and we’d have no hesitation in recommending Trident’s services.

Sandra Paradise

Service Charge Accountant

Saxon Weald Housing

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14 February 2019

What should you expect from the Capacity Market freeze?

In November the European Court of Justice declared the UK’s Capacity Market Scheme illegal. It’s a pivotal decision...

9 October 2018

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

The SECR is a new mandatory energy and carbon reporting framework that is expected to replace the CRC...

1 December 2017

Autumn Budget Round-Up

The Autumn Budget – the first since June’s snap general election – included details on various aspects, like...

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