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Trident’s unique 360° service is designed to optimise all areas of your expenditure and usage

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Claire Markham from Trident Utilities has provided consultancy services relating to our on-site Anaerobic Digestion plant since 2010. Claire has always acted in our best interests advising on specific issues relating to the energy market in a professional and timely manner.

Due to Claire’s extensive contact base and experience working with OFGEM, we were able to secure our OFGEM accreditation and realise the FIT revenue shortly after commissioning of our AD plant. Trident have continued to manage our OFGEM account and FIT contract, giving us confidence that the correct subsidy revenue is received as quickly as possible.

Further to this, Trident have positively assisted us in the pipework and metering design and RHI accreditation process relating to our project to install a steam raising waste boiler to recover heat from the AD gas engine and utilise within the distilling process.

Trident keep in contact informing us of any applicable legislative or market changes which may present other openings for us and this means I would recommend Claire and Trident for involvement in energy related projects.

Alistair Murphy

Technical Director

The North British Distillery Company

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